What's This Blog All About?!

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Alright, my first post!

So what's this thing and what's it all about?

This blog is all about my computer of choice, my operating system of choice: Mac!

I love my Mac and obviously so does everyone else, it's popularity has been growing over the years. It's more secure, more user friendly and in my opinion... nicer looking :).

So I love my mac, good for me, you still haven't explained what all this is about!

Well with Mac I have found problem. Finding good help for it, finding good software for it... it's a bit harder then with a PC. I look for hours for the best software, the coolest widgets, the best tips. And no complaining, I enjoy this and learn a lot... but wouldn't it be nice if that was all in one place?

Well if I'm doing all the research why not make it?!

This blog is to take everything and put it in one spot. The best widgets, the best applications, the best tips... and hey why not... The lastest Apple news.

If you like to know about the latest and greatest stuff when it comes to your Mac, bookmark now! It's all I intend to give.

Let's do it! :D