How To Port Forward: Time Capsule

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If you don't know what that means, here's a definition:

"Port forwarding (sometimes referred to as tunneling) is the act of forwarding a network port from one network node to another. This technique can allow an external user to reach a port on a private IP address (inside a LAN) from the outside via a NAT-enabled router."

I'm sure port forwarding has many uses, but the main one I know is for BitTorrent. Configuring your router for Bittorent will make your downloads go much faster. I've seen guides on how to do this for every router imaginable at but it doesn't say how to configure an Apple Time Capsule.

So here it is:

How To Port Forward: Time Capsule

Before doing anything, make sure you are connected to your Time Capsule's network.

Step #1: Find out your IP

Open: System Preferences > Network

There you will see how you are connected to the internet. Under "Status" it will say the network and the IP address. Write down the IP.


Step #2: Choose a port to forward and enter it in

The best ones are 49152–65534 but any will work. Once you've got one open up your Bittorent client and enter it in. I'm using Azureus and Transmission.

In Azureus it's done by clicking: Vuze > Preferences > Connection. Enter it in where it says "Incoming TCP / UDP listen port".

Picture 2.png

In Transmission it's done by clicking: Transmission > Preferences > Network. Enter it in where it says "Incoming TCP port".

Picture 3.png

Step #3: Open AirPort Utility

It's in Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility

Picture 4.png

Step #4: Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol

When you open AirPort Utility you get a window that shows all the different things your connected to. Double-Click the Time Capsule one you want to configure.

Picture 5.jpg

This will open a window that gives you access to all the Time Capsule's settings.

Click the "Internet" tab and make sure the checkbox "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol" is selected.


Step #5: Configure Port Mappings

Click the button right under "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol" that says "Configure Port Mappings".

This will take you to a screen that is accessible under: Advanced > Port Mapping.

Here it shows an "Allowed" list. We want to add the port you chose to it. Click the + sign under the list.

Ignore the part that says "Service". The 4 private and public port boxes enter the port you chose. In the "Private IP Address" box put the IP you wrote down earlier.

Port Mapping.jpg

When your done click continue.

The next part isn't too important. Name it whatever you want in the Description box (I did the name of the bittorent client) and click "Done".

Step #6: Update Time Capsule

Once you click done you may be asked if you want to update the changes. Click yes. Your Time Capsule will restart and save the changes.

Step #7: Enjoy!

Now that your time capsule is configured properly you should notice faster download speeds. Enjoy!

Hotmail Fix For MacFreePops Users

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Starting late June, I noticed that my Hotmail messages had stopped downloading. I searched and found other MacFreePops users had been experiencing the same problems.

If you are one of them, don't worry any more. There has been a patch made (credit to CDMackie). It doesn't only fix the problem but some other things too.

Unzip the file and stick it in MacFreePops plugin folder.

The file can be found here:

It's the 5th post by CDMackie.

Check it out.

Sign The Petition Against Rogers

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With Apple announcing that the iPhone would be coming to Canada I got very excited.

Finally the coolest phone of the market would make its debut here. Thousands of people were excited to get their hands on the phone that had been acclaimed one of the greatest inventions of 2007.

But the excitement would only last so long.

Rogers will be the carrier for the iPhone in Canada... the only carrier.

They have decided to obviously take advantage of the fact they will be the only providers by jacking up the price, way beyond what it has been set in other countries. People here have been astonished and quite pissed off to say the least.

In a step to fight back against unfair prices to Canadians, a petition has been created that will be delivered to Rogers on the day of the launch.

At this moment the number of people who have signed is 47,344! Do your part too by signing the petition.

You can sign it here or at:

Get your friends and family to sign as well, the more the better!

Its time to fight back.

Alternating Background Images

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Having the same picture for your background gets boring. I prefer a new one each time I log in, something cool I found out you can do on your mac.

To start, make a folder with all your desired background images. Call it something like "Backgrounds" and put it in your picture folder. This is going to be where you can put pictures you want to have as a background.

Now we can set up the background settings.

  1. Open up "System Preferences" > Desktop & Screen Saver.
    System Preferences.jpg
  2. Make sure your in the "Desktop" section.
    Picture 2.png
  3. Add your "Backgrounds" folder by clicking the + button.
    Picture 3.png
  4. Click the "Change Picture" checkbox and choose how often you want your background to alternate.
    Picture 1.png

And your done!

You can also select "Random Order" if you want as well as change how the picture is shown (such as "Fill Screen", "Tile", "Center", etc.).

Enjoy giving your computer a new look each time you login.