10 Ways To Speed Up Your Mac!

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Ever been using your computer and noticed it getting a bit slow?

Sometimes it's because your running tons of applications, or you haven't restarted your computer in ages. So you close a few things, reboot it up and problem solved.

Other times it's something else. Well there are things you can do to speed up your mac other then just running less apps.

I have made a list of "10 Ways To Speed Up Your Mac". Most of these ways are free so don't worry about pulling out your wallet. They're also fast so you can do them whenever you have some free time.

Here are "10 Ways To Speed Up Your Mac":

  1. Clean out useless startup items.
  2. Turn off unnecessary services.
  3. Remove "Other" unused preferences.
  4. Update Your Software
  5. Remove unnecessary code from your applications.
  6. Remove unused languages and translations.
  7. Get rid of power hogging widgets.
  8. Check "Activity Monitor".
  9. Clean up your hard drive.
  10. Run Onyx.

Don't worry, that's not all I'm leaving you with. This is a big subject though... to big for one post. I'll post a more detailed explanation for each tip in a separate post (like with the "Top 10 Favorite Mac Applications").

I keep up-dating, you keep checking back!

I'll start posting soon.


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