Making your CD a .DMG

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Having a stack of CDs for different programs and games is fine, but what if you could put them all on your computer...DMGIcon.png

Wouldn't you rather just double-click a file instead of looking for a CD then putting it in?

It's actually quite easy to put all your CDs onto your computer. The information is saved in a .DMG (Disk Image) file which is like a virtual CD.

To do this all you have to do is:

  1. Put the CD into the disk drive.
  2. Open up Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility).
  3. Select the CD you inserted in the right-hand menu.
  4. Click New Image.

And your done. The CD is converted to a .DMG file and saved on your computer.

Now whenever you want to run that CD you just click on the file.