How-To Set Up A Hotmail Account On Mac Mail - Complete Guide

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Hotmail is one of the most popular email services out there. Millions of people use it (including me) and its great. But that said I do have one big problem with it...

Hotmail doesn't work with any mail client unless you buy a premium membership!

This means it doesn't work with Mac Mail or any other email applications for mac. But, luckily there's ways to work around this. If you've ever wanted to use your Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN email with Mac Mail this is how to do it.

Solution #1 - Switch Your Email

The best solution is to switch to a service that does work with Mac Mail (I'd suggest Gmail).

You may not want to do this but it's the best in the long run. I'm sure many people won't want to do this if everyone they know sends them info through their Hotmail address. I too didn't feel like telling everyone to switch.

So if that's the case then here it is.

Solution #2 - Download "MacFreePops"

This is best way I know for getting your mail out of hotmail. You may have heard of "httpmail". I've tried it and it failed, so I'll show you how I got it to work with MacFreePops.

  1. Download and Install MacFreePops
    Click here to get MacFreePops. Once it's downloaded move it to your application folder.

  2. Open Mac Free Pops
    When you first open it up the window will look something like this.
    Before you start, make sure Mac Free Pops is updated. Click where it says "Updates Available" to download all the updates. Do this twice to get everything, after the second time don't worry if it says there are updates.
    Next check all the options you want. I've circled all the ones I have but you can do whatever you like.

  3. Check You Have The Right Settings and Start MacFreePops
    Click "freepopsd service". Make sure that window looks like this. Check that the circled things are set right too. When your all done click "Start freepopsd service".
  4. Make a New Mail Account
    Open up Mail. Click "File > Add Account...".
    Start setting up your new account by entering your Name, Complete email and Email password. Click "Continue" when your done.
    Next you're asked to setup your Incoming Mail Server. To do this:
    1. Set the account type to POP.
    2. Enter any description you like.
    3. Set "" as your Incoming Mail Server.
    4. Make sure the user name is your FULL email (includes the,,, etc.).
    5. Click Continue.

    If you get an error message ignore it and keep going.


    Ignore "Incoming Mail Security" and keep going to "Outgoing Mail Server". For this:

    1. Put in any description you like.
    2. For my outgoing mail server I use "".
      I believe it works without authentication. If not you can set up a gmail account for free and use put in your user name and password for authentication. Try without authentication first and see how it goes. You can keep "Use only this server" checked.
    3. Click Continue.

    Mail will then take you to a summary of all your settings. Make sure everything looks right and click "Create".

  5. Modify Your New Account's Settings

    The last thing you need to do is change a few account settings. Open Mail again and click "Mail > Preferences".


    To finish setting up your account:

    1. Go to the "Accounts" section.
    2. Choose the account you just created from the left-hand menu.
    3. Go to the "Advanced" section.
    4. Make sure "Enable this account" is checked.
    5. Make sure "Include when automatically checking for new mail" is checked.
    6. I would suggest unchecking "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:". If you ever need to switch back to using Hotmail the old way, all your e-mails will be gone. Better to just leave them.
    7. Change the port to "2000".


    Congratulations, your done!

Now whenever you click "Get Mail", Mac Mail will check your hotmail account for e-mails.
If it doesn't work, you probably have quit MacFreePops. Make sure it is open and that the service is running.
Now checking your email can be a lot quicker. Good Luck!


  1. -mr.glenn says:

    Awesome post!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I followed every step (great post, btw) but for some reason I can't send email. I am receiving emails from my Hotmail account just fine but can't send them. Any ideas?

  3. Admin says:

    Indeed. Macfreepops lets you receive emails but not send them.

    In the account settings (in mail) theirs something like an incoming and outgoing server.

    Macfreepops works for incoming, letting you get mail from you hotmail mailbox. For outgoing it doesn't work with macfreepops.

    What I've done is setup a Gmail account and put that accounts outgoing information in that section.

    This is how it works

    Incoming Hotmail Message ----(Goes to mail through macfreepops)----> Received for Hotmail account in Mail -----> Reply -----(Sends the message as if it were from your gmail account because that's what you put for the outgoing) -----> Person receives a reply from your gmail.

    It's good because it means I can reply to peoples hotmail messages with gmail. Then people catch on that my gmail is the new main account and hotmail becomes used less and less.

    Hope this makes sense/helps! :D

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous, thank you so very much!

  5. Patrick says:

    Thank you very much!

    i used it one day, but since today is hotmail a popmail for free!

    the incomming post server is:
    server outcomming post is:

    I have a hotmail account but this works perfect!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have followed the instructions; however, I keep getting the following error message:

    The server error encountered was: The server “” refused to allow a connection on port 2000.

    Any suggestions??

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi, great post! I would love to be able to use all of this information but for some reason i cannot access the buttons/fields in the 'freepopsd service' tab in the MacFreePOPs menu. meaning, this whole section is light grey, not active, not clickable. hope i am making sense, can anyone help?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nevermind! For anyone who is as thick as me, and this happens to you, go to File -> Start/Stop freepopsd service. Thanks, me! You are sooo welcome!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I didn't read this and didn't uncheck the box for deleting read messages from server. Is there any way to get my messages back to my normal hotmail account?

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